NME-Graphics-logo-2012smlAs a graphic design professional, I enjoy creative collaboration, finding innovative solutions and graciously thriving under the pressure of deadlines. I have been an art director for over 14 years, designing wine and beer packaging as well as marketing materials and advertising campaigns.

Over the last 8 years I have worked as a creative director for NME Graphics, working with a variety of clients, creating strategic and thoughtful designs that meet their business needs. I have collaborated with illustrators, photographers, copywriters and other graphic artists to produce work that I am not only proud of, but that represents the quality that my clients have come to expect from working with me.


“It has been my distinct pleasure to work with Natalie since 1999, dating back to our days at The Album Network. When I started A Taste Of Triple A I only had one art director in mind: Natalie. Her designs are always spot-on and when it comes to the all-important artist/editor relationship there are none better than Natalie. She’s a winner in every way.”

Jim Nelson Owner, A Taste of Triple A www.atasteoftriplea.com For more testimonials, please visit my LinkedIn profile.